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Joyful Noise Music Studio
Why Does Music Matter? Music benefits every aspect of development Music is contagious and catching. Music helps us to make sense of the world. Through sound we can give and expressive shape to our experience. It is a pleasure and a joy for its own sake. The National Curriculum for music says: "As an integral part of culture, past and present, it helps pupils understand themselves and relate to others, forging important links between the home, school and the wider world."
Music helps children to learn maths. When children learn rhythm, they are learning ratios, fractions and proportions. Music enhances social skills. Children who take part in music develop higher levels of social cohesion and understanding
of themselves and others and the emotional aspect of musical activities seems to be beneficial for developing social skills like empathy. Music enhances your child's intellectual development. Most music teachers will tell you that music encourages self expression and self confidence.
Here at Joyful Noise your child will receive private one on one piano lessons, learn music theory and music technique. At the end of the regular school year they will perform in our annual music recital where they will receive certificates and awards which are done in May. We are gearing up for our summer sessions which begins June 6, 2011.
We offer 30 minutes and 45 minutes lessons. Reduced summer rates are as follows: 30 minute lessons are $95.00/month   45 minute lessons are $125.00/month. 
Summer hours are as follows: Mon-Thurs 10:00am - 5:00pm. Regular School year begins in September.
Fall/Winter rates are as follows: 30 minutes lessons are $125.00/month     45 minutes lessons are $155.00/month. Hours: Evening classes on Mon, Tue and Thurs. 5:00pm-7:00pm
Registration fees are $75.00 which includes your piano book(s) and holds your space. To register please text/call:
             Joyful Noise Music Studio
                7010 Northwest 100 Suite 102A
 Houston, Texas 77092
    (directly behind Tinseltown Movie Theater@ Hwy 290/Hollister)